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The Audio-Visual ministry comprises two teams; AV team led by Robert Martin and the PowerPoint team led by Jocelyn Whitehead. The team leaders provide training for other volunteers and maintain schedules to insure that all events are covered.

The AV team is responsible for operation of the audio panels, the video  camera, and recording equipment. This includes the audio panel located  in the Fellowship Hall. Live audio-visual feeds from equipment located  in the sanctuary are available in the fellowship hall, the offices and  all assembly rooms. In addition to recording worship services, AV  Recording services are usually available for special events such as  weddings, funerals and special programs. To request these services  please acquire the required form from the Church office

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PowerPoint  presentations are created for regular worship services and some special programs. The PowerPoint team can be on hand to show special PowerPoint presentations on an availability basis. Requests should be made through the team leader or the Church office.

Other team members are  Carl Bagby, Angela Bartlett, Jerolene Brown, Garland Jones, William  Sumler, James Thomas, Renard Wallace and Michael Wynn.

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