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Welcome to New Zion Baptist Church. We are a church family who seeks to be used by God so that lives are transformed through the power of Jesus Christ. We also endeavor to continue to grow spiritually, relationally, and in outreach and missions. New Zion members are guided by God’s Holy Word and His spirit.

We are actively involved in our local community, as well as regional and  world missions.  We further seek to be a more diverse body as God uses  us in these times.

Pastor Robert A. Whitehead, Sr



From The Prayer Ministry:

Dear Father, if we were to recall the best gift we ever received, we would remember something we really longed for, or maybe something that was really expensive that we thought we would never get, or maybe it was something handmade and given in pure love, perhaps a gift from a Child. Father, we would all agree that our best gift is Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Our hearts longed for Him, only He could pay the price of our gift; the gift of salvation He gave in pure love. We are thankful Father, so we thank You and we praise You. Hallelujah and Amen. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen